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3 Tips to Recharge Your Job Search

Let’s face it: a job search can be emotionally exhausting and often isolating. It takes lots of energy to maintain your job hunt: constantly updating and editing your resume and cover letter for each job posting, researching opportunities, preparing for interviews, following up on career opportunities, and coping with rejection. Too often searching for a job can feel like nothing more than dead-end career opportunities and disappointments.

If you’ve been job searching for a while now, chances are you need some tips to recharge your energy.

Allow Yourself to Take a Break

It’s perfectly okay to take a break to regroup. Unplug from your job search for a bit and do something that you choose—something that can renew your batteries and refresh your interest in work and life. Declare a “time out” and put yourself first. Not only is it paramount for your sanity, but your job search will be better for it. Once you return to your job search efforts, you will do so with more focus, clarity, and energy.

Idea #1

Experience something that isn’t in alignment your career goals. Enroll in an evening pottery making class, head to the gym, try yoga, or read a book. Select something that piques your curiosity. The notion is to look for connections or ideas that might stimulate a new way of looking at your work or your life. For instance, an Irvine elementary teacher resume client began taking a “Tai Chi in the Park” class and discovered a new, engaging way to help her students focus!

Idea #2

Stretch yourself. If you take an exercise class once a month, try going two more times. If you cook the same food the same way, alternate with a new cookbook or a few fresh ingredients. One Riverside County resume client saw herself as totally ill-equipped to dance. But she took Zumba lessons with her teenage daughter and her sense of personal accomplishment grew along with the bond to her daughter.

Idea #3

Practice your art or use your creative side every week. Everyone has a form of release from the “real world” that helps to reduce stress. It might be hammering nails, singing in the shower, painting a picture (even if it isn’t great), or taking a foreign language class. It might be working in a backyard garden or volunteering at a pet shelter. The significant thing about this activity is that it uses a gift you have and when this talent is engaged, you become energized. You leave the time refreshed, so block it out as a personal “no matter what” time on your calendar.

Think of this time as an opportunity to take control over what propels you and renew your brain to re-engage with your job search with a fresh perspective.

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