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Is Your Resume Doing You Justice? 7 Reasons To Hire a Professional Resume Writer

Is is time to hand over your outdated, underperforming resume to the pros? Here's why it might be time to hire an expert resume writer and why it's worth the cost.

The best resume writers know that, on average, recruiters and hiring managers will only look at a resume for six seconds. In other words, you have an extremely small window to grab their attention and stand out from other applicants. This job is even more daunting thanks to the ease of applying for jobs online and through job boards, which have flooded those in charge of hiring with more resumes to sift through than ever before. One way to ensure that your resume catches the eye of recruiters and hiring managers—and earns you an interview—is by working with a certified resume writer.

Don’t think you need resume help? Keep reading to learn how a professional resume-writing service like SoCalResumes can benefit you and your job search.

Increase an Applicant’s Marketability

People unaccustomed to writing a resume (or cheap resume writing services) often view a resume as a simple listing of past and present work experience. However, professional resume writers know that it’s really a marketing tool. An attention-grabbing resume demonstrates to future employers your past achievements, skills, and strengths, along with highlighting the value you’ll add to their company. A certified professional resume writer is skilled in teasing out the details that resonate with employers and spotlighting them so they’re seen by the people who matter.

Content is Key

Because of the limited amount of time a person in a hiring role will spend looking at your resume, it’s essential that it contains information pertinent to the position you’re applying for and nothing that is not. In addition to presenting the information in a clear and concise manner, the best professional resume writers understand how detailed your career history should be, which skills to include, and what other information is relevant to the job(s) you’re searching for. The best resume writing services will even be able to provide industry-specific insight to help you stand out against the field.

Capture Keywords

The increasing volume of resumes received by employers has resulted in many of them using applicant tracking systems (ATS). This complex software screens resumes for keywords and concepts, ensuring only the ones that meet the company’s requirements get passed along to hiring managers. More and more employers are turning to applicant tracking systems, making it vital that your resume is ATS-optimized. A knowledgeable resume writer can help you create a resume that will not only wow potential employers but also one that ATS technology will score highly.

Written for Success

Not everyone is a good writer and many jobs don’t require excellent writing skills; however, a winning resume demands outstanding writing—typos, keyword stuffing, fluff words (i.e. dedicated, motivated, etc.), poor punctuation, and run-on sentences are sure to turn off prospective employers. Even if you’re a strong writer, professional resume writers handle countless resumes over the course of their careers, providing them with an in-depth understanding of how to entice hiring managers and recruiters.

"A professional resume writer can help smooth out your work history by calling attention to your strengths and steering the focus away from any bumps in your career story."

-Ashley Milano, Certified Professional Resume Writer at SoCalResumes

Substance and Style

A boring black and white resume or resume written from a template isn’t likely to jump off the pile on an employer’s desk. While the content of your resume is key, so is how you present the information. A good resume-writing service can help you dress up the layout and design of your resume to stand out from the competition. Like everything, resumes are subject to trends—and the best resume writing services are up-to-date on these and can help you look current as well as eye-catching to prospective employers.

Spotlight Strengths

It’s common for a job seeker to have an imperfect past work history or to be trying to break into a new field. Whether it’s a gap in employment or a lack of relevant experience, a professional resume writer helps shift the focus away from your shortcomings and shines a spotlight on your strengths—accentuating your positive attributes and downplaying perceived negatives.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Searching for a new job is a time-consuming activity, and as the old adage says time is money. If you’re out of work or underemployed, every day spent hunting for a job and not employed in one is costing you money. A certified resume writer who’s able to expedite your job search, guarantee interviews, and get you back into the workforce is worth the investment—earning you money in the long run. Similarly, if you’re unhappy in your current role, what’s it worth to move on to something more fulfilling?

"There's a reason you hire a mechanic to fix your car, a dentist to clean your teeth, and an accountant to do your taxes—they’re professionals with expertise in their field. The same can be said about certified professional resume writers."

I help Southern California professionals ditch their outdated resume and job search approaches to land their dream job quickly and effectively.

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