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Pros and Cons of Having a Professional Write Your Resume

If you’re not sure if you need assistance to write an interview-winning resume, we’ve highlighted the advantages a resume writing service can bring to your job hunt, along with some of the cons of using a professional resume writing service.

Do I have an attention-grabbing resume? Is my resume free of grammatical and spelling errors? Is my resume format current? Do I need resume help? These are all questions job seekers find themselves asking at some point during their search for employment. If you’re unsure whether or not you need assistance, we’ve highlighted the advantages a resume writing service can bring to your job hunt, along with some of the negatives of using a professional resume writing service.


In-Depth Knowledge: You hire a plumber to fix your sink, a mechanic to work on your car, and an accountant to do your taxes. Why? Because they’re professionals who work in the field on a daily basis, giving them in-depth knowledge of their chosen industries. The best resume services are no different; they understand what employers are looking for, the language they’re using, and trends within the industry. Furthermore, a resume service such as SoCalResumes knows how to best position you to stand out from the competition.

High-Quality Writing: Recruiters and hiring managers might see hundreds of resumes a week, meaning you only have moments to capture their attention. A stand-out resume is clearly written and communicates your relevant skills and experience concisely and effectively. Additionally, your resume is how you represent yourself to potential employers—grammatical mistakes and spelling errors on your resume might give the impression that you lack attention to detail or will produce sloppy work. Resume services employ professional writers with an aptitude for communicating with the written word, ensuring you present yourself in the best possible light.

ATS-Optimized: Resumes today need to do more than just grab the attention of employers—in many cases, they’ll need to get past the gatekeeper: applicant tracking systems (ATS). 75% of resumes never make it to the desk of a recruiter or hiring manager due to their lack of ATS-optimization. With 95% of Fortune 500 companies employing ATS to screen resumes, it’s vital that your resume is properly formatted for ATS to read, and features relevant keywords and terms tailored to the specific job you’re applying for. A certified resume writer is intimately familiar with ATS and can help you create a resume that will rank high with bots and bosses alike.

Cheerleaders: Talking about ourselves is hard. So is boasting about our accomplishments. Unfortunately for job seekers, these are the primary functions of a winning resume. The best resume writers will help you forgo your modesty and shine a spotlight on your achievements and experience. Great resume writers will also help you identify marketable skills and contributions you possess or made, and present them to employers.

Give us H. Give us an I. Give us an R. Give us an E. Give us a D. What’s that spell? Hired!

Gain an Edge: A recent study found job seekers using the assistance of a resume writing service found jobs at a 32% higher rate than those going it alone. 68% of those candidates secured employment within three months of having their resume professionally written and 42% of them moved up the ladder, accepting a higher-level position. A separate study found that recruiters ranked professionally written resumes 60% higher for “usability” along with 40% higher for “gaze trace”—a measure of organization and visual hierarchy—compared to the average resume written by an untrained individual.


Cost: As with any other service, a professional resume writer costs money—something that may be in short supply depending on how long you’ve been looking for a job. At SoCalResumes, we prefer to think of our services as an investment rather than an expense. Getting resume help can get you more interviews and into the workforce faster than you might on your own. Need another great reason to spend a little extra and hire a certified resume writer? According to this article from CNBC, hiring managers perceive candidates with professionally crafted resumes as more polished and capable—believing their estimated salary to be worth a 7% bump.

Good vs. Bad: The reason you’re seeking resume help is that you’re not a resume expert. This also makes distinguishing the best resume services from ineffective, cheap resume writing services difficult. Sadly, there’s no tried-and-true way of telling the best resume writers from the worst. A few tips are to look at a resume writing service’s website to make sure it’s well-organized and free of grammatical and spelling errors—if it’s sloppy, odds are so is their work. After that, look for testimonials or reviews from people who’ve used the service. Another thing to do is to contact the service itself and feel them out for yourself.

At SoCalResumes, we offer a free resume review with personalized feedback and recommendation specific to your situation. Like what we have to say? Fantastic—let’s get started on getting you a new job! Don’t like what we have to say? Move along at no cost.

Not Sure if a Professional Resume Writing Service is for You?

If you’re a strong writer, aren’t bashful about touting your accomplishments, and understand how to use keywords, then going it alone might make sense for your situation. Of course, just because you choose not to use a resume writing service at the beginning of your job hunt, doesn’t mean you can’t enlist their help later on. If you decided to write your own resume and haven’t received the results you were hoping for, a professional resume writer can help get you to the finish line.

If you’re wondering how to write a resume that will wow potential employers, SoCalResumes has the answer. As the top-rated writing service in Southern California, we help job seekers catch the eye of employers, get interviews, and land the jobs of their dreams. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.

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